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About Hills & Hedgerows

Born in Yorkshire, Inspired by Derbyshire, and Made in Cambridgeshire.

Hills & Hedgerows is an independent UK lifestyle store dedicated to creating nature-inspired, handcrafted decor. Founded with a passion for sustainability and high-quality craftsmanship, our unique collections reflect the charm and beauty of the English countryside. By choosing our products, customers support local artisans and help preserve the landscapes that inspire us.

Press Releases

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Media Contact

For press inquiries, interviews, or high-resolution images, please contact:

Sarah Beck

Founder and Designer of Hills & Hedgerows UK Lifestyle Store

  • Email:

Press Kit

Our press kit is coming soon. Please contact us directly for any immediate press needs or additional information.

Recent Features

Bloom Magazine

BLOOM Magazine featured our products to capture the beauty of the English countryside with our handcrafted decor.

Cambridge Edition

Discover our commitment to sustainability and local craftsmanship in our ‘Meet the Indie’s’ feature in Cambridge Edition.

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Instagram: @hillsandhedgerowsuk



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