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Norfolk Natural Living Cashmere Care Set - Natural & Plant-Based Fabric Care Kit

An essential for anyone who owns any cashmere, this bespoke caring kit will protect and keep your cashmere at its utmost best allowing you to enjoy your beloved garment for years to come.

Delicately fragranced with warming cedar and a natural moth repellent, this gentle cashmere shampoo will cleanse and maintain the fibres of your cashmere, merino and mohair garments, free from bleach and harsh chemicals. Combined modern plant-based technology with naturally active ingredients will cleanse your most precious garments whilst helping to preserve our glorious countryside.

A key addition to keeping your wardrobe looking fresh, this beautifully packaged kit contains:

  • 200ml cashmere shampoo

  • 8 cedar balls

  • 1 Cashmere comb 

The cedar balls protect your cashmere knitwear from moths, mildew and odours. Made from real cedar, they are gently aromatic and create a pleasant scent. 

Each set includes a cashmere comb, an excellent tool for gently picking up any pilling, leaving renewed yarns behind, allowing for a refreshed and beautiful cashmere piece. 

Uncover our collection of botanical and plant-based laundry room staples to bring a stunningly uncomplicated yet aesthetic touch to your home. 

Fragrance and Ingredients

  • The cashmere shampoo unique botanical formulation is gentle enough to freshen those special pieces without compromising their fibres.

  • Fragranced with Floral Notes of Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Eucalyptus, Amber, Cedarwood, Vanilla the fragrance releases a deep sense of inner calm and comfort.

  • Aqua (Water), Alkypolyglukoside (Plant-derived Surfactant from sugars), Anionic Sufactant (from natural fats), amphoteric Surfactant (from vegetable source), Citrus Acid Monohydrate (from citrus fruits). Please check product for up to date ingredients.

Sale price£25.00

Norfolk Natural Living Laundry Care
Norfolk Natural Living Cashmere Care Set - Natural & Plant-Based Fabric Care Kit Sale price£25.00