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Indoor Leaf Shine. Natural + Plant-based.

Revitalize your houseplants with the Norfolk Natural Living Indoor Leaf Shine, a natural and plant-based formula designed to enhance the health and appearance of your indoor greenery. Made from 100% pure neem oil, this eco-friendly leaf shine not only provides a beautiful, natural shine to your plant leaves but also helps to deter pests, ensuring your plants stay healthy and vibrant.

Packaged in a 100ml recyclable glass bottle, this product is both environmentally friendly and effective. It is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic additives, offering a safe and natural solution for your plants. Simply add a few drops of neem oil to the included glass atomiser, mist your leaves, and gently wipe them with the cloth provided.

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    • 100ml recyclable glass bottle.

    • 100% pure neem oil (azadirachta indica) Extracted via cold pressing.

    • For a beautiful shine and to aid photosynthesis.

    • Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free. Pet Safe.
    • UK made and UK sourced ingredients.

How: Use every 2-3 weeks (ideally in the early morning). Dispose of each tonic after 4 week and make fresh. 

Simply fill your atomiser with clean water, add 5 drops of neem oil and give it a little shake. Mist over the leaves before wiping with a cloth to give your plants a beautiful shine and to help your plant photosynthesise.

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Sale price£11.99

Indoor Leaf Shine. Natural + Plant-based.
Indoor Leaf Shine. Natural + Plant-based. Sale price£11.99