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Seed. Seasonal Print Magazine Volume 5 Spring 2023

Seed is a biannual magazine - celebrating food, craft, travel and sustainable living.

At its heart is the belief that we must live sustainably and consciously. Its philosophy is to lead by example: to gently inspire readers to make small changes with their own choices so that together, we can have a broader impact on the planet's future.

Content features interviews and conversations with artisans, artists, makers and thinkers – pioneers in the fields of sustainability, farming, craft, design, wellness and travel, as well as features to gently encourage and inspire readers to live more mindfully, be that by growing their vegetables, embarking on a craft project with their children, or simply rethinking their purchasing habits.

Eating in tune with the seasons and sourcing locally are vital steps in addressing the environmental impact of the food supply chain, and the magazine also offers simple, seasonal recipes focusing on reducing food waste.

Sale price£9.00 Regular price£12.00

Seed. Seasonal Print Magazine Volume 5 Spring 2023
Seed. Seasonal Print Magazine Volume 5 Spring 2023 Sale price£9.00 Regular price£12.00